Marcela García Henríquez de Süry, Director of Boutique Editorial, is a publisher, translator and publishing consultant with over twenty years’ experience of book publishing and translation. She also advises several publishing houses in Argentina and the UK, whom she represents at the major book fairs: Buchmesse (Frankfurt), Salon du Livre (Paris) and Feria del Libro (Buenos Aires).


She has edited over one hundred books in Spanish and English. Raised in a family of book publishers, she translated her first book after finishing High School. The same year she won a scholarship to Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific, Victoria, Canada. She then returned to Argentina, where she studied Philosophy and Linguistics at the University of Buenos Aires. Marcela has a postgraduate diploma in International Proofreading of Spanish Texts (Fundación Litterae - BBVA Fundéu).


Marcela is a member of the Evaluation Committee of the Premio Panhispánico de Traducción Especializada, an international translation contest sponsored by Unión Latina (Paris). She is also a member of the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA), the Translation Center at the Frankfurt Book Fair and Unión de Correctores (UniCo).